Front end web / ui developer

all the usual suspects html, css, jquery, javascript ... & my inspiration network, my family who constantly inspire & challenge me...

More about me

I don’t think anyone is totally lacking for ideas. It’s more likely that you doubt your own ideas. Stop doing that & build something     Chris Coyer - Founder CSS-Tricks / Developer


Contracting recently to Vodafone HO, Tesco HO, & Deutsche Bank London, I not only build websites, but integrate design concepts into application built in .net, classic asp, mvc or java built platformns


Learning is key; I enjoy meeting with clients, project managers, & peers to scope out project requirements & liaise throughout each project life cycle; keeping my work interesting, inspiring and fun...


I am driven by curiosity & how sites are built & work, & how i can make it work for me. My wonderful family also inspire me with exciting & diverse ideas & concepts... as well as loads of great giggles


Please see works from Vodafone, Tesco, Deutsche Bank, Hays & more... awesome work happy clients



NZ head office

Responsible for the complete ownership of translating designs into reliable, scalable interactive digital solutions. Providing development expertise (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSP) from testing, prototyping & User Experience stages through to integration with core systems

Deutsche Bank



DB's internal app for managing & searching 40,000+ servers metrics internationally.    I intergrated a bespoke design into the backend source code, including sliders, accordians, forms, & table data for a rich ui / ux experience. 2012, html5 css3, java based

Duetsche Bank



DB's internal app: A glossary of terms used throughout the entire IT areas of Deutsche Bank. I also integrated a bespoke design into the backend source code, for a new layout & enriched ui / ux experience for all DB core employees. 2012, html5 css3, java based

Duetsche Bank



Application for managing all employee logins onto the DB network. This app also encompassed a new design layout which I integrated into the backend source code, for the dbAffinity suite. 2012, html5 css3, java app



Commission Calc:

This internal Portal Application for all Hays consultants to calculate commission revenue. Integrating my design concepts and css into this application within Visual studio 8. 2010, html4 css2, .net app



Evolia France:

French timesheets for client and consultant; proposed to role out to Japan 2011. I developed the initial designs for the application, integrating into classic source code adding ui & css. 2010, html4 css2, .net app




Adadt2010 internal application; my initial wireframe & designs for login screens and logout screens, which I then integrated into java code. These pages began as basic forms with no ui design or css applied. 2010, html4 css2, java app

Kristin School



Worked on Liferay 6.1.2 themes front end dev for Java/JSP web portal custom displays, css, Jquery, Javascript, completing the design of web themes, for Kristin’s new website launch. X-browser to ie8, multi-device functionality (desktop, tablet, mobile)



F&F Clothing:

Tesco F&F clothing site: process of site redesign, restructure for a responsive web ui/ux & build. Improve implementation of frontend code on CMS Venda platform. Support website bau: weekly email templates, html4, css2, javascript, jquery.

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